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Weblogs in education

Via Scripting News, I see a post by Michael Feldman of Dowbrigade wishing for a stronger uptake of weblogging in the classroom. Michael's a professor at Harvard and/or Boston University (I couldn't quite figure it out) and has one class showing some enthusiasm for weblogging. I wonder if Michael's seen the work that Mark Hemphill's done at UPEI. Last year Mark's students used TypePad weblogs in class (here and here). This year, Mark is heading up a much more ambitious project: in BEAT he's put together an inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary group to work on cool, useable, web-application development projects for credit. They've already started a weblogging platform for all of UPEI and Holland College ... similar to the Harvard Weblogs project.

Check out the UPEI Weblogs site. They even have The Cadre, the student newspaper, blogging.