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Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbour's Mac

OK, I've got a serious Mac jones going. I started using computers in 1989 with a Mac Plus. I was obsessed with the thing ... read The Mac Bible from cover to cover and generally became a card-carrying power user. I stayed in the Mac camp for about four years. I finally switched to a Wintel machine when a few of my main apps had newer versions released on Windows first: Quicken and Dynodex, I think. And now I am ready to switch back. Some combination of OS X, great hardware (TiBooks, iBooks, iMacs, iPods and whatever's coming next), great software (including Radio Userland, OmniOutline, BBEdit) and a growing frustration with Microsoft and Windows from both technological and business/customer relations standpoints. I'm also currently on my own and am no longer restricted by corporate hardware and software standards.

I'll make this a continuing thread here as I go through the switch (which I'm not making yet ... I still need some $$$ to take the plunge).