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The West Wing jumps the shark?

"The West Wing jumps the shark." This is a New York Times article on the decline in quality of The West Wing this season. The West Wing is still my favourite show and, in my opinion, the best show on television ever. I disagree with most of what Caryn James writes but I strongly agree with the though that "as the show has tried to adapt to changes in the world around it, it has given us a fictional president who walks like a Clinton and talks like a Bush." Sorkin seems less clear in his idealized vision, post September 11. Understandable perhaps, but disappointing nonetheless. Along with the best dialogue ever written for TV, the show's greatest quality was its ability to make us believe, if only for an hour a week, that such pure idealogy could survive and in fact thrive in Washington and the White House.

All that siad, the main reason for this posting is not to give my take on the current quality of The West Wing but, rather, to point out the excellent expression, "jumps the shark."

"An inspired phrase, "jump the shark" refers to the point at which a television series begins its downward slide. (The term comes from the moment in the aging "Happy Days" when Fonzie waterskied over a shark.)"