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Song of the Day: Time Has Come Today, The Chambers Brothers

I first discovered this song at a Steve Earle concert at the Fillmore on March 13, 2001 (with my music buddy, Jim). Steve said something like, "I think this song was first performed on this very stage," referring, I assume, to a Chambers Brothers concert there back in the 60s or 70s. I had never heard the song before and it completely rocks in Earle's hands. As soon as I got home I fired up All Music and tracked it down. It's an oft-covered tune including versions by Steve Earle (one on his own and the other an outstanding duet with Sheryl Crow), The Ramones and Me'shell Ndegeocello. Unfortunately, the song has recently been co-opted by Labatt's for a TV commercial. Piss me right off. (Funny. I just checked out the Labatt website. The first screen says you must be of legal drinking age to enter. How do they know?)