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Robyn & The Venus 3 were great!!

Last night's gig was fantastic. Seeing Robyn rock with the Venus 3 made for a very different concert than the first time I saw him, but still a lot of fun. He is such a great entertainer and he's got this fantastic voice. And hearing Peter Buck's signature guitar ring through was equal parts new and familiar, particularly when he was playing the six-string Rickenbacker. Beth writes about the gig over at BlogTO, and has posted some pics of the show on Flickr.

It was also my first time at the Mod Club and I'd say it's Toronto's best concert venue. You can see and hear perfectly from anywhere in the room, so there's no stress of finding and defending a good spot. Best of all, it's just a walk down the street from our house.

Finally, it was great to see a gig with Chris & Carolyn (and Fred). Chris & Carolyn and Nicky & I started seeing Toronto gigs together 15 years ago. Old times. The biggest difference is that we had to leave before the gig was over because we all had to relieve babysitters at 12:30. Oh well.