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Robyn Hitchcock tonight

We're off to see Robyn Hitchcock tonight. He's playing the Mod Club with his current band, the Venus 3. The Venus 3 are 3/5 of REM, including Peter Buck. I saw Robyn play a few years ago at The Sweetwater in Mill Valley. He played with Grant-Lee Phillips and they performed one of the best gigs I've ever seen. Charles Redell provides a set-list and writes a great review of the show:

Two men got up on stage with a sublime sense for entertaining and a remarkable talent for keeping audiences engaged and tried, while playing perfectly with each other, to always outdo one another too. They put on a show made up of their absolutely wonderful songs, hilarious interludes between those songs, and a tribute to the pop music history that allows them to exist as the entertainers they are today.

Hopefully he'll deliver something equally great tonight. His current album, Ole! Tarantula, is fantastic so it should be good.

For more information on Robyn, check out Mike Doherty's article about Robyn in today's National Post.