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News Aggregators ... more

A bit more on yesterday's post on News Aggregators. Seems folks are divided (no surprise) on the issue of 3-pane vs. Radio-style (one-page, reverse chronological aggregators). For Radio-style: myself, Dave Winer, Paolo.

For 3-pane: XL8.

Greg, at NewsGator, says his does both. This isn't entirely accurate. It does give the option (by using different Outlook views and groupings) of viewing by source or in a big reverse chronological list, but it still requires clicking on a headline in one pane and viewing the post in another pane. I still think this is less efficient than a single-page, scrolling display.

NewsGator's an Outlook add-in so it would have some appeal at work where we're a heavy Exchange/Outlook shop. Problem is that it choked and froze doing an initial download of my 134 feeds ... so I uninstalled it. I'll try again later.