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Mark Hemphill

I meant to mention this earlier. Mark Hemphill's running a weblog over at TypePad. Go check it out. I've only known Mark for a few months (we met back at Zap; he was the guy directing the filming and interviewing that was going on) but I'm convinced we're long lost brothers. We have very similar backgrounds, career paths and interests and are quickly becoming very close friends.

Mark, like me, has recently returned to PEI after years away: Toronto, San Francisco. And, like me, has brought back with him a beautiful Ontario bride. :-) Mark is another great thread in the increasingly interesting fabric of life here on PEI.

Mark is currently a professor at UPEI and pursuing a PhD through an innovative program from a school in Switzerland. Mark is actually using TypePad weblogs for each of his two courses (Networking, Knowledge & The Digital Age and MIS for the Digital Age) and has set up a weblog for each of his students. I follow them and it is a fantastic way to maintain an ongoing dialogue with students. More professors should be doing this.