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Loretta Lynn

We had a second get-together of our local CD club a few nights ago. I'll post playlists over the next few days, but for now this post... One of the interesting discussion topics was Loretta Lynn's new album, Van Lear Rose. Imagine a group of twenty- and thirty-something geek hipster wannabes drinking beers and talking about the awesome new album from a 70 year old country music icon. Either we're really cool, or Loretta Lynn is. I know which one my money's on.

I hadn't heard about this until the other night ... now it's everywhere. The album's generating buzz because it's produced by Jack White, of White Stripes fame. The comparisons to the Johnny Cash / Rick Rubin American Recordings are inevitable. Beyond the buzz though, and like Cash's American recordings, reviews seem to be universally raving about this album.

Some pointers: Loretta Lynn on NPR's All Things Considered Pitchfork's review All Music Guide review Rolling Stone feature story on Loretta Lynn Rolling Stone album review

This certainly deserves a listen.