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Little Mac Shoppe turns one.

The Little Mac Shoppe (Charlottetown, PEI) is celebrating their first anniversary today. I've dropped in to the store a few times and I enjoy receiving their e-mail newsletter (though they should run a weblog). This is the type of store that there are far too few of these days. The store itself is barely a hole in the wall and they don't have much inventory, but my understanding is that it takes two days to receive a system. The folks are highly knowledgeable and very friendly. The store seems to be the hub of the local Mac community. The presence of this store is one reason I am convinced my next computer purchase will be a Mac (likely an iBook, but I'd love it to be a TiBook). The ability to buy hardware and software at competitive prices (though not rock-bottom) from a place like this is a vastly superior alternative to purchasing from an on-line vendor or from boxstore like Future Shop or Best Buy. The $100-200 you might save buying elsewhere becomes a false economy the first time you need a bit of help. Happy Anniversary guys.