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Just like starting over

After using Radio 8 for four months I am now starting over ... completely. Curiosity overcame me and during that time I played indiscriminately with tools, themes and anything else you can download or otherwise staple on to the side of this thing. I started to run into problems with macros not working, etc, etc. While I don't doubt I could have recovered from this without a fresh start I thought it would be cathartic to do so. I didn't have a strong enough understanding of all of the folders and files to know what I could get rid of without breaking more than I was fixing. Generally it had the feeling of OS Rot that one gets with Windows after installing and uninstalling lots of apps over a period of months (though, to be clear, I don't attribute this type of problem to Radio ... just to my less-than-complete understanding of it). Anyway, new install ready to go. The only thing I migrated were my subscriptions. Any posts that seemed worthwhile (most were of a test nature) I've placed in a text file and will add over time.

Lessons learned: Lots ... but the main one for now is not to play too much with Themes and Categories. Changing themes is fine if you do no modifications to the templates (this is well documented). As soon as you do you are likely to lose what you previously modified. My suggestion here is to pick a theme as a starting point and then leave them behind. From then on, modify your own. Radio's implementation of Categories still needs some work. Without going into all the "I did this, it did that" details suffice it to say that Renaming and/or deleting Categories can start to mess things up. My suggestion (and one made by others) is to think clearly about your categories before creating them and then stick to the ones you create.