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CD Club Volume 1: Matt Rainnie's Much East

Matt gives us a bunch of great tunes from the Atlantic provinces. Matt, have you interviewed all of these folks? I've linked to each artist's own website, where available, and I've noted their place of origin or where they currently call home (though I may have some wrong) as this is the nature of the list.

  1. Joe Fournier (Halifax?) - When I Quit My Drinkin'
  2. Buck 65 (Halifax) - Roses and Blue Jays
  3. Mark Bragg & The Black Wedding Band (Newfoundland) - Paranoid Monket Blues
  4. The Trews (Niagara Falls?) - Every Ambition
  5. Al Tuck (Halifax via Charlottetown)- Eliminate Ya
  6. Joel Plaskett Emergency (Halifax) - True Patriot Love
  7. Servo (Halifax)- Goodbye Mama
  8. Jimmy Swift Band (Halifax)- When It Comes Down To It
  9. Heavy Meadows - Sweet Traverse
  10. Mike Ross - I Remember, I Remember
  11. Two Hours Traffic - Think More Often
  12. Chris Colepaugh & The Cosmic Crew - Things That Could
  13. Dan Currie - Usually Thursday
  14. Heavy Blinkers (Halifax) - Helicopter Blues
  15. Matt Mays & El Torpedo (Dartmouth) - City of Lakes