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CD Club Volume 1: Jeff Hemphill's Chick Singers

Here's Jeff's CD (his image, too).

Chick Singers


  1. Making Pies - Patty Griffin - From 2000's '1000 Kisses'.
  2. Sweet Lorraine - Patty Griffin - From '96's 'Living With Ghosts' . Sweet Lorraine was the inspiration for this disk. Everything is built around it. Listen. Phenomenal song. 'Pies' is from her most recent disc, again, strong song off an excellent album. www.pattygriffin.com
  3. Napoleon - Ani Difranco - Off of her 1996 awesome 'Dilate'. Or is it Awni? Prolific album releaser. & D-I-Yer. Awesome album, full of energy. PARENTAL WARNING: A LOT OF SWEARING. Throughout the album. Could have picked a couple of others easily. You don't have to be a feminist to appreciate this Righteous Babe. www.righteousbabe.com
  4. Westray - Weeping Tile - 1995 album 'Cold Snap'. Early Sarah Harmer & Luther Wright (of the Wrongs fame) band. Indie grrl rock! This song came out PRIOR to the verdict of the Westray Mine inquiry. Eeerie. Love the East Coast references. Disappointingly, she didn't play this on her 2003 show in Summerside, even though she was a stone's throw from the Northumberland Straight. www.sarahharmer.com
  5. All Things Passed - Kate Maki - 2003 independent release 'Confusion Unlimited'. Passed to me by a friend. Thoroughly enjoyable album. I think Halifax based, from Ottawa, she sounds a bit Sarah Harmer-ish. This is a good sample of what you'll hear. www.katemaki.com
  6. So Long, So Wrong - Allison Krauss & Union Station. Title track from the 1997 record. Sweet voice. This song is modern, upbeat, bluegrass tinged. 3 of my favourite things. Plus you gotta love the banjo & mandolin.
  7. My First Lover - Gillian Welch - From 2001's OUTSTANDING 'Time(the revelator)'. A true desert island disk. Truly a work of art. The entire album has layers upon layers, something new every time. Can't say enough. Every song strong. More banjo…
  8. Light Enough To Travel - The Be Good Tanya's - 2000's 'Blue Horse'. Another must have album. Canadian girl's debut is strong throughout. Better that the follow-up, Chinatown, IMO. Acts of Volition radio already played Littlest Birds. This song is a cover of accordionist extraordinaire (yes, accordion) Geoff Berner. Hence the line "I had to throw down my accordion, to get away from the police"; Another great line, referring to nightclubs, "...what kind of people go to meet people, where they can't be seen or heard?... www.begoodtanyas.com www.geoffberner.com
  9. Seven Bridges Road - Dolly Parton
  10. Shine - Dolly Parton - From 2001's 'Little Sparrow. Awesome voice. Awesome album. From the bluegrass trilogy she released on Sugar Hill records. The Collective Soul cover added for novelty only. Neat at first, but tires quickly.
  11. Away - The Laws - Off this husband & wife duo's 2002 independent recording 'Two'. Caught them by chance at the Victoria Playhouse. Amazing show, amazing harmonies. Didn't translate as well to record. See them live. This song stood out on the album. Canadians. www.thelaws.ca
  12. Water In The Fuel - Kasey Chambers - A Fred Eaglesmith cover. Extremely well done version of an extremely good song.