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CD Club ... first get-together

Had a fantastic first meeting of our little music club last night at St. James Gate. Unfortunately, Greg was a no-show: too embarrassed to appear without CDs after losing a wrestling match with technology (I've promised to help get him back on his feet). Mark showed no such reluctance or guilt, appearing like one of his students talking of canines and homework. Both have been assured they're still welcome and both promise gifts of music to come shortly.

Three great hours sipping beers and talking music. The group seems to be the perfect mix: strongly shared tastes, sensibilities and knowledge but with each person bringing enough new ideas to avoid the thing becoming a big circle-jerk.

We even managed a good discussion of music downloading, the record industry, artists and fans. The group includes representatives from both the I-don't-pay-for-music-anymore and the I-spend-$300-a-month-on-CDs camps.

Happy to discover that Rob MacDonald was, in fact, the same Rob MacDonald I was friends with 20 years ago. Some things don't change much. Back then our relationship was largely based on a camaraderie around the fact that we were among a small group of guys in Charlottetown listening to the likes of The Clash, Elvis Costello, Madness, and The Specials while most folks were still listening to CFCY playing Delta Dawn.

I'll post some of the other playlists a little later.