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Byline Strikes

Sheila Lennon writes, on projo.com, about a byline strike at the Providence Journal. She notes that Doc Searls has never heard of such a thing and that The Shifted Librarian is interested in the story. They should take a look north of the border. The Canadian press (and public) are up in arms at the firing earlier this week of Ottawa Citizen publisher Russell Mills. Mills was fired by Canadian media conglomerate CanWest Global for publishing an editorial critical of Prime Minister Chretien. The Asper family, owners of CanWest, are friends and supporters of the Prime Minister. CanWest maintain a policy where CanWest requires its major metropolitan newspapers carry one national editorial a week and that the papers' unsigned editorials do not contradict that editorial.

Anyway, a number of Canadian newspapers were on byline strike this week, in protest.