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Bloggers' Music Club

OK, stupid name. I'm open to suggestions. But hear's what we're up to. Eight of us have formed a little Charlottetown-based CD swap club to share some music and talk about it over a few beers once a month. First round members are as follows (links to blogs, where available):

The plan is to get together at a local watering hole once a month, each armed with 7 seven copies of a mixed CD and some "liner notes" explaining the theme and discussing the picks. Everyone goes away for a month, gives 'em a listen, makes a new batch of CDs, and we get together to drink and discuss last months discs.

The blogger part: I will encourage everyone to post their playlists (sans actual MP3 files, lest we run afoul of the RIAA, CRIA or some other recording industry group) and liner notes on their respective blogs. I will point to all. Feel free to comment on any. Kinda like Steven's AOV Radio, but without the verbal commentary and the handy MP3 files. Sorry.

I will gladly post playlists and liner notes for any of the guys without blogs.

First meeting tonight at St. James Gate. My playlist and liner notes to come shortly.