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A quick clarification on my

A quick clarification on my news aggregator comments: I received a very timely reply from Greg over at NewsGator asking for details on the troubles I was having. While I definitely had the problem I discussed I didn't put much effort into understanding the problems or giving the NewsGator folks a chance to help me out (and they appear ready to). Usually I do, but I was too busy at work over the past couple of weeks to put any time into it. So, to clarify for now, my post was in no way a slam of NewsGator ... just a quick report on a problem with no attempt to understand or resolve it.

I'll provide some more details to Greg shortly and see what they come back with. In the meantime give NewsGator a go yourself. I suspect my problems were related to the combination of running Outlook connected to Exchange, over a VPN, and trying to update 134 newsfeeds. Your mileage will almost certainly vary.

PS: It might be a while before I get to take another look at NewsGator. For reasons that are worthy of a separate post about broadband service to urban (or even suburban) areas, I am without DSL until we move into our new house in late June. I've been on residential broadband for over 4 years now (Memphis, San Francisco, Barrie, and Keppoch, PEI). Dial-up sucks real hard!