Technology Advice You Can Trust

Hi, I'm Dave Hyndman. I am a senior IT consultant providing CIO-level advice to small & medium businesses, non-profits and government departments and agencies.​

Worried you're spending too much on IT?

Might you be missing out on new technologies?

Maybe not really using technology effectively to help grow your business?

Feel like your company has no real technology leadership?

Worried you're not getting enough from your investments in technology?

Worried that your competitors are using technology better than you are?

Just need some IT advice that you can trust?


I'm Dave Hyndman. I am an independent IT consultant focused on helping business owners and senior management get the most from their technology investments.

I've spent my entire 25+ year career making businesses better by leveraging technology.

And that's 25 years of real, varied experience. Not one year of experience repeated 25 times!

I have worked around the world: Dubai, San Francisco, Bahrain, Toronto, Europe. I have worked for all sorts of organizations from FedEx to.... And I own my own technology startup, SiteValet. For more details on my background take a look here or check out my profile on LinkedIn.

I offer a bunch of different services but I am at my best when I am working directly for entrepreneurs & owners, Presidents & CEOs, Executive Directors, and Ministers & Deputy Ministers.

Dave worked for me at Purolator as an IT consultant and managed two very complex projects. He executed with extreme precision and had tremendous success with both projects. Dave performs well under pressure, is very good at communicating what he will do and he does what he promises.
— Phyo Kyi, CIO, Purolator